Public relations is not what it used to be contact us

Newspapers and traditional broadcasters are still important, but their power and influence is not what it used to be.

Sales of papers peaked in 1962 and have been in steady decline ever since as people get their news from elsewhere. Radio and TV have seen huge rises in audience. News outlets are having to adapt to the digital world. The most successful are reinventing themselves as multi-media platforms. A paper is not a paper any longer, it also broadcasts videos, and podcasts, and talks back to readers through social media channels. Deadlines no longer exist, the news cycle rolls on 24/7.

Journalists used to get stories from informants and press releases, now their biggest source is via Twitter.

Yet some things never change. A story is still a story, regardless of whether it is told in 140 characters or 1,500 words. This will always be the case, for the media a good story is precious, it is how they prove their value, a precious commodity.

We craft stories for our clients and we get results.

Remember though – one way communication through press releases and statements is no longer enough. The days of command and control PR are dead. Consumers and other audiences expect to have a conversation with you as well. These are exciting times for the PR industry. But if you don’t adapt to change you’ll be left behind. Contact us now to talk about how we can help you thrive in this new world.



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