What we do

We work with organisations across all sectors who need expert advice to grow their reputation, their business and their influence. What we do is work with them to build and implement effective communications strategies and campaigns, guiding them through difficult issues. This builds their profile, helping them to succeed in whatever their field.

We offer the full range of PR support but we focus on services which require a high degree of expertise to deliver.

Our service is extraordinary because of the experience and intelligence that underpins it. When people want results, find themselves in difficulty or need to get their voices heard they turn to us.

We differ from competitors in two respects: we thrive on difficult issues, and because of our careers in journalism we craft stories for the media that journalists love.

We are living through times of uncertainty. Everything is changing: in politics, in society, in how we work, and how we communicate these are revolutionary times, and there will be no going back.

We work with organisations who want to grow and prosper and rise to the challenge the uncertainty brings – and also with those who find themselves in difficulties and need calm, intelligent advice to help them through to the other side. Call or email us to discuss your needs.


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