Social Media

There are decades where nothing happens; and there are weeks where decades happen.

Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

Do you feel empowered and excited by this amazing video by Erik Qualman, or does it terrify you?

How is social media working for you so far? Have you got a clear strategy which is linked to your business plan, or is it more of a case of your newest hire looking after Twitter, because at that age, they know about these things? Or have you handed things over to your ad agency, or web designer?

How do you use the various channels, and how have you integrated them all? Most important of all, because it is ultimately about what you say rather than fancy tools, what are you actually saying about your organisation, and what are people out there saying about you?

And how prepared are you for a social media crisis?

VI Lenin was not referring to social media in the quote above, but he may as well have been! It’s an area which is changing and evolving by the day.

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