Monitoring and Research

Ryan burning the midnight oil
Ryan burning the midnight oil

Unless you have extraordinary mystical powers, you can’t possibly know what is going on without meticulous and thorough research. That’s where our political monitoring service comes in.

Some organisations do that for themselves. Which, of course, is great: until you calculate the hourly cost of research and the fact that, due to the bewildering amount of resources, too many policy officers are spending far too much time monitoring and researching stuff than analysing and acting upon it.

That’s where we come in. Because we have a number of clients who use our monitoring services we can provide a great bespoke service at a fraction of the price it would cost you to do it yourselves, thus freeing up staff to do what’s going to make a difference: getting out there and working for change.

Oh and by the way, and here we are being revolutionary, we are the only agency in Northern Ireland that does not use unpaid interns. The world has moved on and we refuse to endorse modern day slavery. Work, get paid, feel motivated, provide great service. Simple.

Monitoring and research powers everything, without it you are working in the dark.

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