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Whoever controls the media controls the mind

Jim Morrison

Jim was right, of course. And never more so today.   Every organisation needs composed and confident spokespeople who can speak with authority in front of camera.That’s why you need media training.

Yet for most people the experience can be intimidating. There is often so much at stake: whether it be dealing with a crisis, putting your case forward or promoting a new product or venture.

Ultimately it is about growing your reputation and improving your profile. For most executives and organisational leaders dealing with the media is an essential skill.

Our bespoke media training courses are run by Nick alongside UTV’s ex Head of News Rob Morrison. They bring together 70 years of expertise as broadcast and newspaper editors and communications professionals.

We guide you through the whole process from how to prepare properly for an interview right through to delivery, and our courses are held in the realistic setting of the UTV Studios in Belfast and every delegate gets to work on realistic scenarios relevant to their organisation.

Between them, Nick and Rob know every trick of the trade, and have the full inside track on what journalists are looking for, how to come across well in front of a camera and how to emerge from crises intact, no matter how severe they appear to be at the time.

Our courses are fully interactive and ensure that all delegates emerge confident and well prepared to face the media.

Remember, too, that in these revolutionary times you can create your own channels online to get your message across. YouTube is now the web’s second biggest search engine, so the skills of the old media are migrating to the new.

Book on one of our courses now, or get in touch to talk about specific requirements. There’s much more on this on our media training website




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