Old-style politics. Can you spot the lobbyis

Many organisations would like to get their voices heard in government, to influence policy for the public good.

We will help you to get this right, whether it is preparing briefing papers, advising you on existing policy and are policy experts. We will also tell you who to speak to both in the civil service and in the political parties.

We have a wealth of experience in preparing people to get their case across well when giving evidence to Assembly or Westminster Committees. Nick and Ryan often draft responses to consultations and calls for evidence.

In today’s connected world running a successful campaign is about engaging with a whole host of stakeholders. It’s great to get publicity, but if you want to see change you are also going to have to influence government policy as well.

We provide, empowerment, training and advice to those who want to influence policy, and, of course, we’ll make introductions to those you need to talk to.

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