Communication Strategies

Every organisation should have a communication plan as part of their business plan. After all, what’s the point of saying anything if it is not supporting your goals?

This is even more important as social media developments generate more and more communications channels. It is very common for organisations to lose control and for damage to be done because employees don’t know the strategy, because there isn’t one.

You need to make sure that everything that you say and do across all channels is consistent and building your reputation. And that it is all working to clear objectives.

And if you don’t have a crisis communication plan in place your running a risk so great that the next problem that you have could be your last.

Nick has developed an integrated communication planning tool that makes this process simple and effective and will lay out clear, measurably objectives for you.

An organisation that is only thinking of how to respond to a crisis when it gets a call from the media is asking for trouble. You need clear protocols in place so that you can respond, calmly, clearly and with integrity when things go wrong. We can show you how to do this. Don’t neglect this. Now that news runs 24/7 if you are not prepared everything can be completely out of control by the time you get your act together.

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